Course curriculum

    1. Terms & Conditions (T & C's) of payment and enrolment in PTFL

    2. Session 1 Introduction to Power tools of living and the three R's- slides presentation

    3. Now let's head to paddock and meet Rachael and see the power tools!

    4. A warm welcome from Rachael (Mental Health Professional or MH) and the horses in the paddock

    5. Now let's hear a warm welcome from Stacey (Equine Specialist or ES) as she talks about horses, their behaviours and safety

    6. Let's now dive into Session 1 Part 1: Relationships between horses in the paddock.Plus herd huddle worksheet.

    7. Now onto Session 1 Part 2: Respect and Responsibility as observed with the herd in the paddock

    8. Session 2 Introduction to the power tools of: Respect, Relationships and Responsibility-slides presentation

    9. Session 2 Part 1: Relationships in the paddock (let's look at the horses)

    10. Session 2 Part 2: Relationships and horses (what might horses need to do here to improve their relationships?)

    11. Session 2 Part 3: Relationships in the herd watch the horses. Plus herd huddle worksheet.

    12. Session 2 Part 4: Relationships and types of relationships. What is a healthy vs an unhealthy relationship? How to improve relationships

    13. Session 3 Introduction to the next power tool of 'Boundaries'-slides presentation

    14. Session 3 Part 1: Boundaries and their purposes. Examples of physical boundaries. Plus herd huddle worksheet.

    15. Session 3 Part 2: Boundaries are like fences. What sort of boundaries do you have in your life?

    16. Session 4 Introduction to the power tool of 'Empathy'- slides presentation

    17. Session 4: Empathy: Example of using empathy with a horse. Plus herd huddle worksheet.

    18. Session 5 Introduction to the power tools of 'Choices and consequences'-slides presentation

    19. Session 5: Choices and Consequences: Red and green choices and impact on consequences. Plus herd huddle worksheet.

    20. Session 6: Final summary and graduation!-slides presentation

    21. Session 6: The wrap up of power tools

    22. Test your learning!

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